The novel One Sore Rib is now available at Amazon and other fine retailers.  If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read here, you’ll enjoy the darkly touching and exciting tale of death in Venice.

Suspension de veritas.

That is my finest nonsense Latin. Intentionally or not, you’ve stumbled on the collected prose works of Matthew McLean… which you probably figured out by the URL. I wish there was an easy unifying theme here, something to tie all of the words together, but there isn’t. And what’s here doesn’t even include the collaborative works (you can check out one here, if you like), which are arguably greater than any of my solo works. But not the point. The point? What was the point?

Anyway, there isn’t anything to connect the stories here, other than they are all representations and facets of the things I love.  I hope you find some echo of that love in any reading you choose to do.



Random ramblings of the author. Mostly flash fiction and second drafts of the serial flash fiction piece, Kansas, (which can be found at the bottom of Works) and the new serial, The American.



Selected chapters from long works and complete short stories. If you’d like to see more, please contact me.



Just a quick note about my favorite subject: Me.

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