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Kansas: Chapter 2


by Matthew McLean



It is my utmost hope that your new optical unit is operating correctly. If it has not suited you, we have kept your M-518 unit in cyrogenic freeze as per your request. It is still keyed to your genetic code.

Butcher-san is recovering from cranial surgery better than expected. Your claims to his constitution were not unwarranted. Your prize for the wager has been sent to the designated drop point.

Regardless, I must insist upon payment. The device extracted was quite lethal. Any misstep on my part would have resulted in the damage of much equipment, his death, and the end of my career. Your understanding is greatly appreciated. As our dealings have always been pleasant (if less than ‘‘) in the past I am assured that you will keep your end of our bargain.

As per his instructions he is being moved at regular intervals. Unfortunately, I am unable to disclose his location. I beg your forgiveness, but this is at his instruction also. He assured me that you will be able to contact him at the appropriate time.


医ノメ 生命ノ


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