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Communications in the Afterlife

The Subject maintains a fragile sense of well-being through a carefully balanced administration of alcohol, valium, marijuana, and the occasional alprazolam supplement. It is unfortunate our initial psychological evaluations did not note a weakness for these, as all of them are readily available in the time period selected. We could stream the effects of these directly into the Subject, but there are fears the unexplained change in mental state might break the simulation.

As specified, all measures have been taken to keep the Subject unaware of the simulation. However, this has led to a cognitive dissonance within the Subject that non-virtual family members find difficult to watch due to the pain it inflicts on the Subject. It is possible that this is one reason for the chemical dependencies the Subject has manifested.

There have been petitions to remove him from the Renewal Model. As the case manager, it is my professional opinion that if given more time the Subject will move past these chemical distractions and find the meaning of self the simulation was meant to aid in reconstructing.

Additionally, as management knows, pulling the Subject out before project completion would result in a full refund. At this time, the risks brought on by the Subject’s self-destructive behavior appear insufficient to warrant this loss to the corporation.

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Image from The Man Who Fell to Earth.

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