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Delete from History

If there had been any doubt as to the wisdom of re-branding himself as the artificial intelligence known as Sage, the last of it melted away as Brian hit the submit button. Whereas before when he had put forth his work as a human the Internet merely reached into its wonted stable of insults, now it stopped and considered. Now critics pondered the use of certain colors, wondered at the framing technique, and generally asked the types of questions Brian thought all artists should ask of their fellows.

Standing up from his work station Brian put aside worries that someone would eventually call for proof that an AI existed that could do such work. That anxiety was shunted aside by by a cool gray that glided down his computer screen, erasing all the icons and shortcuts, vanishing the browser he had been using to view the digital marketplace. Words appeared on the screen as they buzzed out of speakers that should have been deactivated. “Hello Sage, I’m BrAIn. I think we need to talk.”

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Image courtesy of the Future of Life Institute

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