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Mary and the Jesus Train

Before Jesus became the Christ, he was just Jesus of Nazareth, a carpenter who people thought it slightly odd hadn’t gotten married by the time he was in this thirties. So it probably raised a few eyebrows when he and his mother attended a wedding and Jesus brought twelve men with him. The additional guests may have been one of the reasons that the family hosting the ceremony didn’t have enough wine on hand. The primary social beverage of the day, this made for tremendous embarrassment, as providing a sufficient amount was an important obligation. Plus, who likes to be at a dry wedding?

Mary, being a kind and empathetic woman, didn’t want to see the hosts embarrassed or the guests angered. She also knew the reason her Son hadn’t married yet. With that in mind she implored him to help the bride and groom. To which Jesus replied, “Woman, it is not yet my time.”

Ignoring this rather haughty reply, Mary spoke not another word to her Son, but told the servants to do whatever Jesus instructed. And despite his previous rebuff of Mary, Jesus told the servants to fill six stone jars with water, which he dutifully turned into wine.

What’s the moral of the story? Even the Son of God does what his mother tells him to do.

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